SySTEM 2020’s white paper on equity

Over the course of the project, a series of co-design sessions with international science education experts has taken place. These co-design sessions aimed to ideate strategies to support equity-focused science education outside the classroom has taken place. With this, we present the SySTEM 2020 white paper below, which introduces a set of action areas and strategies to develop equity-focused science education outside the classroom.

The document targets decision-makers, funders and policy-makers in informal science education and aims to be a tool that helps integrate equity in their practice in a holistic way. Our understanding of equity permeates the action areas and strategies for equity and is based on the following key ideas:

  • Equity is a process and a goal.
  • Equity requires proactivity and commitment.
  • Equity is a collective endeavour.
  • Equity-focused science education requires a critical approach to the culture of science.
  • Inequalities in informal science education need to be addressed from an intersectional perspective.
  • Cultivating equity in science education outside the classroom requires a systemic approach.

In informal science education, work towards equity requires a holistic understanding in order to consider how organisational processes and external factors impact aspects connected to access, diversity and inclusion. The action areas identified in the White Paper – framing, embedding, bridging, involving, designing, assessing, sustaining and advocating – seek to raise awareness of the importance of considering equity as a lens, to use when looking at the activity of an organisation as a whole.

White Paper on Equity-Focused Science Education Outside the Classroom


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Eva Durall


Aalto University


SySTEM 2020



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