Co-design workshop materials

Co-design materials

The following materials were used at the Helsinki co-design sessions with the project partners, science learners and external stakeholders. These materials are based on the research findings from a contextual inquiry on science learning outside the classroom and seek to support and trigger discussions in participatory workshops. Download the file below to access all of the materials used:

  • Proto-personas: Fictional characters connected to science learning outside the classroom in different contexts. The proto-personas include information about attitudes and interests, behaviours and actions, and needs and pain points that can be frequently found in science learning outside the classroom.
  • How might we trigger cards: Inspiration cards with questions identifying several challenges connected to inclusion, engagement, and assessment and recognition of science learning outside the classroom.
  • Opportunities prioritization map I: A value matrix that assigns different priority levels in a scale from one to four, based on the expected impact (low or high) and the readiness to implement (easy or difficult) a solution for a specific opportunity.
  • Prioritization of the opportunities II: Document to support the averaging of the priority values set for the consolidated opportunities of a specific theme.
  • Ideation canvas: Template for documenting the design solutions in a structured way.
  • Guidelines for assessing the design solutions: Guidelines for assessing a design solution based on its utility, viability and feasibility.

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