SySTEM 2020 Evaluation Framework

The purpose of this document is to lay out the shared evaluation framework used in SySTEM 2020 to approach and address its key objectives. This document is necessary so that we can:

  • Ensure that we have a method to assess whether the tools and procedures developed by SySTEM 2020 capture the multifaceted nature of informal learning
  • Plan, manage and report on a systematic assessment of the project
  • Support the production of formative evaluations
  • Ensure that we have the means to aggregate evidence from multiple sources in order to provide a comprehensive overview of what SySTEM 2020 has explored

The document showcases important background information on SySTEM 2020 and its aims. A methodology follows, which lays out clear definitions of the types of learning we hope to analyse within the project, the tools that have been developed, and the numbers of participants we hope to reach. With that our intent is to highlight how we as a consortium have carried out our research in a unified way offering inspiration to any body or organisation looking to carry out similar research.


Christian Voigt


ZSI - The Centre for Social Innovation Austria


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