Learning portfolio – zines

Learning portfolio - Zines

SySTEM 2020 partners practised using a new tool, which has been introduced into the project to act as a means to construct learning portfolios. Introducing, zines. Catch a glimpse of some of the zines made by our partners and download our zine-making kit below.

Why was it made

As part of SySTEM 2020, we used zines as a learning portfolio method to reflect on STEAM learning during science, art and maker workshops. Learners enjoyed making them so much, that we wanted to share the methodology more widely within the SySTEM 2020 community. We found that using zines was a great way to tell stories about learning in science and the arts and to share these more widely. Enabling this now, while lots of learners are at home, is more important than ever! This tool explains making a zine step-by-step so that learners can tell their own STEAM story from home. 

Who is it for

The tool is for educators to share with their young people and communities. And for learners and their families to use and put into practice to make their own zines.

Suggested scenario

Zines are easy to make from home, or as part of a workshop or activity. Right now, while lots of us are at home, try making a zine from the things you already have lying around the house. 

Facilitator tips

Zines are really easy to make, all you need is: 

– some scrap materials 

– paper and pencil/pens

– scissors and (optionally) glue 

Zine how-to guide

Zine how to guide


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Sophie Perry and Andrew Whittington-Davis


Science Gallery Dublin and Ecsite


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