The forest of big questions

Young learners in Serbia look for answers by becoming scientists

Children’s science camp is an annual program taking place during summer vacation in Belgrade, Serbia, where children in the company of their peers, spend free time engaged in science. This year, the camp’s theme was “the forest of big questions”, where children, aged 8 to 12, participated in fieldwork as real scientists. Accompanied by young researchers and science students, they spent three days in nearby Bajford forest, divided into teams, looking for the answers to questions they posed to themselves earlier – what wildlife is contained in this forest? How do humans interact with it? Is the stream’s water clean, and what does “clean” even mean? How do children view a forest like this one? What is the forest’s defining physical and chemical parameters?

“I love how we connected with each other, made friends, did our research, and learned something here and there”.

On the final day of the camp, teams had to present their scientific work in a science conference organised for their families, friends, but also researchers from the University. In their own eyes, they really saw themselves as real scientists, at least for the week.

In these videos, you can follow the camp and the work carried out through the children’s point of view. How they interacted, and later, how they presented their results.

Young learners

Feđa (11)

Marta (8)

Luka (12)

Vikto (11)

Nikola (11)


August 2019

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