Providing the tools to explore

Kersnikova Institute prides themselves in the fact that children and youth would rather spend Friday evenings in their Makerspace Wet Lab Gallery than anywhere else. They have achieved that through their programme “Friday Academy”, where children aged 7-15 hack, investigate and learn about an array of topics, such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence, wearable technology, and explore art projects that encapsulate these topics.

“I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for Kersnikova.”

The youth presented in this video are the grown-up kids who have been visiting Kersnikova for many years since they were 8 or 9. They consider Kersnikova as their second home and spend their free time working on different projects at their makerspace Rampa. Within this program, they get their support and expertise, and the materials and equipment to work, build and create independently. The learners that attend this programme are the reason why the educators at Kersnikova love their work and happily develop their programme for young learners and the generations that come after them.

Young learners

Martin (15)

Luka (16)

Ela (16)

Eva (17)

Vid (16)

Alena (16)

Val (16)


April 2020

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