A view from above

Young learners in Greece share their experience in using drones to look at features of the land

LATRA, a local innovation lab in Greece, aims to empower refugee children and youth through out-of-school STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education, aimed at enhancing their cultural citizenship and integration in Europe’s 4th industrial revolution. During the ‘STEM empowerment’ project, developed by LATRA, unaccompanied refugee children and youth in Lesvos-Greece, created a video documenting their day. 

During a visit to an olive oil factory, the five young learners – Parisha, Mahmoud, Elizabeth, Hamed, and Satar – had the opportunity to capture their experience from above using drones.

Video caption

“For me it’s a new experience [flying drones], I think it can be very good to teach someone else, so I want to be a good teacher”.

This factory is part of Lesvos’ industrial heritage, allowing them to analyze the topography of the land. The use of raw footage in this video is intentionally used by the young learners, to express their excitement about the non-formal way of learning of this activity, contrary to their daily life, where they face exclusion and marginalisation.

Young learners

Parisha (16) Afghanistan

Mahmoud (17) Syria

Elizabeth (17) DRC

Hamed (17) Afghanistan

Satar (16) Afghanistan


July 2019

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