Meet Naomi

For the past three years, SySTEM 2020 has been exploring the extensive range of science education opportunities and experiences that take place outside of the formal schooling system. The project has demonstrated the value that these approaches can have in developing scientific literacy, and has developed tools and methods to make this landscape more equitable.

Meet Naomi is the final SySTEM 2020 video, where we explore the world through the lens of a young learner struggling to connect with science. Although fictional, the video highlights the power that non-formal learning organisations can have on a person’s interest in science learning taking inspiration from our findings and recommendations.

As of June, 2021 SySTEM 2020 has finished, however, the project’s findings and recommendations will continue to live on through the thousands of organisations that got involved in the project. To get a snapshot of the research, findings and recommendations from SySTEM 2020 download our final report that aims to be a catalyst for change in the field of science learning outside the classroom.

SySTEM 2020 final report


Explore SySTEM 2020’s latest tools and findings to help support and cultivate pathways to welcome learners from all backgrounds into science learning.