Did someone say “#Ecsite2020 travel grants?” | COVID-19 UPDATE

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the Ecsite conference will not take place, meaning that SySTEM 2020's sessions and travel grant offer have been cancelled.

#Ecsite2020 conference: Echoes from the future

However, keep a watchful eye on #Ecsiteonline on Ecsite’s twitter page. The Ecsite team seem to have a plan, and who knows, maybe SySTEM 2020 will try again next year for the 2021 Ecsite conference.

The keen-eyed amongst you may have seen SySTEM 2020’s emergence on this years Ecsite conference stage. We claimed that we made the conference an even sweeter opportunity for professionals who engage audiences with science and technology. Well, we may have improved this opportunity further (sweeter+?) by offering travel grants of €250 to those that would like to join our pre-conference session – Co-design in science education activities.

Some context: the Ecsite conference is an annual science engagement conference open to all professionals who engage audiences with science and technology. A conference of five days that pushes science professionals to join forces in shaping answers on the “Echoes From the Future”, which is the theme of the 2020 Ecsite conference held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 11-13 June 2020 (with the pre-conference running between 9-10 June). It offers “an intense mix of intellectual stimulation, purposeful and creative sessions,” and one of these creative sessions is being run by us. It boasts a line-up of speakers from all over Europe from a wide range of science engagement sectors:

● Eva Durall from Aalto University

● Mairéad Hurley, the Education and Learning Manager from Science Gallery Dublin

● Gene Bertrand, curator from Cube Design Museum

● Carmen Fenollosa, senior project manager at Ecsite

● Will Hunter creative producer from We the Curious science and arts centre

● And last but not least, Matteo Merzagora from TRACES

A large part of SySTEM 2020 is looking at inclusion in science learning outside the classroom. We want to extend this focus by offering 18 individuals who are interested in this pre-conference workshop travel grants of €250 for a day of collaboration, strategic foresight and an opportunity to let go of control through the process of co-design.

Follow the steps below to get the SySTEM 2020 travel grant:

  1. Fill in this form to register your interest in the travel grant
  2. Register for the Ecsite pre-conference workshop at the latest one month after you register for the grant
  3. Wait to hear from us with finer details

Important things to note: this grant works on a first come first serve basis and it can only be rewarded if you have registered for the pre-conference one month after expressing your interest in the travel grant. If registration for the pre-conference has not been completed, your travel grant will be passed onto the next interested individual. Only one grant per organisation can be awarded. Any questions please contact SySTEM 2020 directly at system2020project@gmail.com or through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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