The SySTEM 2020 STEAM award winner is…

The SySTEM 2020 STEAM award was created to give something back to organisations participating and making our mission of mapping science learning outside the classroom across Europe a reality. Today, we announce the winner of that award.

Zavod Simetris coding workshop
Zavod Simetris coding workshop in action

Since it’s inception the SySTEM 2020 map has had a total of 272 organisations from around Europe sign up. Alongside that, a total of 228 activities have been added to the map, creating a bank of science learning activities for institutions to use and learn from. One of the benefits of joining this Europe-wide network by the end of April was a chance to win the SySTEM 2020 STEAM award, which provided you with a free ticket to the Ecsite conference this year. Well, the winner of this competition has officially been picked at random.

We are very happy to announce that Modra delavnica – Zavod Simetris’ from Slovenia have won the SySTEM 2020 STEAM Award. They develop and implement activities for the integrated development of children and adults such as robotics, coding and 3D printing. They are located in the village of Fram in Slovenia, which has about 2500 inhabitants. They face many challenges in organising and implementing STEAM activities widely in their area, whilst also increasing long term relationships with local schools and being financially sustainable. As winners, they will be able to attend the upcoming Ecsite conference in Copenhagen for free, meet the SySTEM 2020 team, discuss the barriers they face in their environment in providing science learning outside the classroom and learn new ways in organising STEAM activities when they return. Congratulations Zavod Simetris!

This has been a good time to celebrate the winner of the SySTEM 2020 STEAM award and a good time to reflect on the project so far as we hit the halfway mark of our map campaign. However, we are still on a mission to map even more STEAM education outside the classroom across Europe. If you still haven’t done it, fill in our questionnaire and put your organisation on the SySTEM 2020 map before the 15th June. After this date, our research team will begin by analysing the data to supplement the next phase of the project.

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