A project in motion stays in motion

It's a new year, which means we have lots to share with you. As we move into 2020 we have new innovations planned, new research to share and new tasks to work towards.

KSI and Kersnikova meet up to discuss and test the engagement tracker

New innovations

Recently, partners from the project – ZSI – Centre for Social Innovation and Kersnikova – met up to discuss important questions set out at the start of the project:

  1. Do non-formal learning workshops contribute to the engagement of learners, inside & outside the workshop?
  2. How much do they contribute?
  3. Can we measure such questions?

We think we can and are taking steps in trialling important educational tools that will be created during the SySTEM 2020 project to help answer such questions. Introducing, the SySTEM 2020 engagement tracker, which aims to improve our ability to capture how far informal and non-formal learning experiences extend into young learner’s everyday world (on public transport, in museums or at home). This new tool will be adapted and tested in the coming months with young learners from across Europe, which will help us visualise the learner’s engagement paths providing us with comparable contextual learning landscapes.

New research

Aalto University and Science Gallery Dublin have recently published SySTEM 2020’s first research paper in the Journal of Interaction Design and Architecture. This article aims to look at co-creation and co-design through the lens of SySTEM 2020 by using the SySTEM 2020 co-design meeting in Helsinki as a case in point, outlining their differences, similarities and uses in supporting innovation in technology-enhanced learning.

Access further details on this research and the whole paper by jumping to the resources section.

New tasks

From February – April 2019 1,322 young learners between the ages of 9-20 from 18 different countries have been surveyed to help us investigate their learning ecology. An individual’s learning ecology comprises of their process and set of contexts and interactions that provide them with opportunities and resources for learning. Our first survey wave bears important results and is helping us to discern key questions over inequalities in the education system and the drivers and barriers that affect young learners’ capacity to learn.  

This concerted effort of surveying continues in 2020. The same learners will be surveyed to assess how their learning ecologies have changed and adapted to their changing environment.

Overall SySTEM 2020 has hit the new year running – a project in motion stays in motion. However, more innovation, research and progress is ahead of us. In the meantime, stay up to date on all things SySTEM 2020 by following our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account.

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