Learning Together.

Expanding Horizons.

Reshaping Science Learning Outside The Classroom.

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The SySTEM 2020 map.

An interactive data visualisation through which you can explore science learning initiatives outside the classroom across Europe. Get involved.


The Mission.

SySTEM 2020 and its partners focus is on supporting scientific literacy through STEAM education outside of the classroom. Here is the plan.


To generate an overview of non-formal and informal science learning in Europe that contributes to the knowledge base of science with and for society

Understand + ideate

To involve stakeholders in defining the main challenges regarding science learning outside classroom and to co-design ideas and concepts that support scientific literacy.

Develop + execute

To design new tools, frameworks and practices for implementation in non-formal learning programmes.


To analyse the results from the roll out of our new practices and tools. Later improving them with the partners in the project.

Engage + inform

During and after the project, the tools, practices and new knowledge will be shared widely, contributing to greater inclusion, equity, and engagement in science learning outside the classroom.

Through the learners eyes.

Discover how STEAM learning outside of school impacts the learners.

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Put your STEAM learning initiative on the SySTEM 2020 map by filling in the questionnaire.

Showcase your organisation and activities, connect with partners, contribute and gain access to scientific research.